Sunday, February 19, 2012

hair and other important topics

I would blog more if I had an easier way to upload photos onto my laptop. I cannot insert the card anywhere, so I am sorta stuck. Any suggestions?

Moving on, pinterest is starting to make a lot of sense and provide much guidance in my life. Since having kids, my hair has turned curly. (Now might be the right time to explain that my self worth started to free fall after I embraced not making even the most minimal effort with my appearance 6 weeks ago, and I found that my mental health required a more balanced approach to the issue. I just can't pull of effortless!) Apparently this phenomenon is known as "hormonally curly hair." Anyway, the problem is that it isn't curly enough (or straight enough). (right after embracing the curl, Porter's 1st birthday party last april). It is more wrinkled than anything, and the haircut I got last spring increased the wrinkling, causing me to put away the flat iron and try to go with the curly look. My strategy has been to wash my hair at night and sleep on the towel-dried result. It sort of works some of the time. Occasionally I have supplemented with curling irons and so forth, but generally this takes too long. So when pinterest introduced me to the sock bun technique, I tried it that very morning.

The girl has gorgeous hair, so I worried that the technique would not translate well to the less well-endowed tresses like mine. My assessment is that if your hair is really long, it will work great. My results were good, but my hair is too short for it. Because it all gets piled on top of your head, most of undermost layer will not make it into the bun. I had to take a curling iron to those sections. But it does work and it is super easy. I also found this technique and I think this might work better for medium length hair like mine. I will do it tonight and report back tomorrow. I like this girl because she is faster and doesn't talk too much and waste my beauty-learning time. I like the results she gets here, but she does it with a curling iron and I really am looking for short cuts. She says it only takes ten minutes, but it would take me 30, I am sure of it.

In more important news, we had a great weekend. Yesterday we did yard work together and then went to the Maryland side of Great Falls park. I probably enjoyed watching my kids clambering over the rocks even more than I enjoyed the waterfalls. Andrew had made his own bow and arrow and quiver, which he brought and wore at the park. Everyone commented on it which thrilled and embarrassed him. I am just so happy to see that, even though he no longer wears capes and believes he has superpowers (he thought he could shoot lasers out of his hands if he knelt in the park and prayed first--was it wrong that I told him it worked??), he is still doing little boy things. The bow and arrow deal has been around for probably 2 years. I wish he would get back into setting traps all over the house. This little phase goes so fast! I had a lot of thoughts and ideas about helping them to foster hobbies and interests that will enrich their little lives (rock collecting is an obvious one, from the haul we brought home, but so is rock climbing, which is doable, too).

Now I am off to enjoy some quality tv with Brigham, who did not go to sleep last night at all btw, and yet he was the one to go to church with the boys this morning while I slept until 11:30. He didnt even wake me up, since Porter had a terrible night and he heard me dealing with him. I don't deserve him. He is even better than Rick, from The Walking Dead, our new favorite tv show. I am thinking of giving up on Downton Abbey. My desire to disappear into 19th and early 20th century upper class Britain still cannot get over how dumb this escapist program is.

Happy Sunday!


Ashley said...

Giving up on Downton Abbey!?! Why on earth do you say that? We just discovered it, tore through season one, paid good money for the season 2 dvd which we will finish this weekend. Does it take a turn for the worse, or do you just have a much higher bar for television (quite possible)? You and your hair look so beautiful in those family photos you got done. I think whatever you are doing is working well. I can't even fathom having great hair. Maybe when I'm resurrected.

Tiana said...

You can buy a thumb drive that you can insert your sd card into. That is what I do. Super easy. It is an sd card reader.

Ashley said...

Ok, now that I've seen the am amnesia episode and the miraculous recovery episode I understand what you were saying about Downton. Please don't let it get even worse!

Sarah said...

I think you do have gorgeous hair. It's thick and long and a beautiful color. I'm sure it won't take long for you to figure out this new hair phase. And I'm glad you're on pinterest now so we can be friends. I love all the inspiration I find on there.

Lyndsay said...

If I had your hair I would not do a thing. My dream world is to wake up with ready-to-go hair. It will never happen. Yours is fantastic. Don't use a curling iron or sock buns just to feel like us commoners.

Erin said...

Thanks for the ideas!