Tuesday, November 30, 2010

my new go-to meal

In the five minutes left to me between finishing my dinner (the inspiration for this post) and Porter waking up and yelling at me again, I thought the meal that gave me such bliss deserved to be shared and celebrated.

I was suspicious of it at first. The ingredients looked wrong. But I trusted the source--another mom from my son's preschool who is unfailingly classy in every single aspect of her life. She is so nice you can't even feel resentful of her perfection. Here it is.

Because of food allergies, she subbed sunflower seed spread for the peanut butter, but I stuck with the original recipe. She told me that she mixes the rice into the sauce and then places the chicken on top. The first time I made this, I added the rice a couple of hours after the cooking process began. The second time, I added it just before it ended and found myself having to add water to ensure the rice didn't end up crunchy. I am hesitant to add the rice at the beginning as directed because my crock pot cooks this meal up really quickly and I am afraid it will burn the rice. I am not home during the day to moniter it.

I followed her advice and Brigham and I ate it over mixed greens with this dressing. I left out the egg (yuck!) and would advise you go easy on the salt if you don't have kosher. (Maybe cut in half and add more at the end after you taste it.)

This meal takes literally fewer than 10 minutes of hands-on prep and is so delicious. My crock pot, at its lowest temp and using frozen chicken, cooks this up in about 3-4 hours. Also, I think that when making more than 2 breasts I would just double the sauce recipe. But these are just small tweaks; I think the recipe is pretty no-fail no matter what.

Andrew ate so much the first time there was barely any left for Brigham and even Will ate a normal-sized meal such that I didn't even have to bolus him afterwards. It is probably breaking all the parenting rules, but I give the rice to Porter and he loves it. This meal leaves me so satisfied that I am not even going to yell at Andrew when he reaches the bottom of the stairs in about 5 seconds. And here he is.


Monica Rich said...

This just made it onto the menu for the weekend. Thanks for sharing!

Eliza said...

Sounds great! Except there is a peanut allergy at our house so I would have to replace it with almond or sunflower seed. Or maybe just not give it to Theo...anyway I love using the crockpot.

Also, my unsolicited opinion (the best kind, don't you think?) is that I don't know what kind of rules say you can't give rice to a 6-month-old, but I don't subscribe to those kind! My kids always liked real food better than baby food (so do I, probably because I can ignore them during meals and just clean up afterward). Actually someone told me recently that peds are recommending giving peanuts to babies sooner now. (don't remember who it was and who knows if it was a credible person)

Ie Li said...

I love it when you post recipes. I make salmon cakes on regular basis because of you.

Monica Rich said...

BTW -- you look beautiful and happy in this picture.

Michelle said...

that sounds delish! So do you add the rice like half way through the cooking?