Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Recipes for meat eating vegans

Salmon Cake over Lemon Rice and Wilted Baby Spinach (image from internet)

I have been dairy free up since shortly after Porter was born (up until this week). The best way to describe a dairy free diet really is a meat-eating vegan. I am sure that vegans would revolt at including myself in their eating category, to which I must respond, Relax, vegans. Your lives are difficult enough. I know because I have been eating like you guys for months.

These photos ease any 'what might have beens' had I had dreams of being a food photographer. The meals are actually quite beautiful in real life. (Seriously.)

Salmon Cakes:
Mix a can of costco Kirkland salmon with an egg. It looks totally disgusting so try not to look at it. Then add a T or 2 of your favorite tartar sauce and some lemon juice. Add bread crumbs or flour (I do a mix) until the mixture is dry and sticks together. Saute in olive oil. When the cake is ready, add baby spinach to the hot pan and wilt. I usually squirt a bit of lemon juice onto the spinach and then again onto the cake.

Lemon Rice: saute raw brown rice (uncle bens) with 2 T lemon juice and olive oil 5 min or so. Then cook as usual with chicken stock instead of water.

Next we have the Salmon and Black Bean Salad on Roti Bread.
This one was born one day as I mournfully spooned measly black beans onto a tortilla for my lunch. My sister introduced me to the wonders of canned salmon (costco), a form of food at which I had previously balked.)
1) Saute roti bread (can buy at costco; they are akin to uncooked tortillas) in olive oil according to package directions (flip when bubbles up).

2) Add rinsed and drained black beans. Add salmon (from a can). Warm through. Can also red peppers (sauted is best), corn and baby spinach. Top with mango salsa (costo) and sliced, salted avocado. (My preferred method for avocado topping is to add olive oil and salt to avocado and splice up with a fork; then add to salad). If you are not a vegan, add cheese, too. You can make this with a tortilla, but the roti bread is better.

Finally we have Tilapia on a Bed of Red Quinoa and Fresh Corn and Black Bean Salsa
The salsa: 1 can rinsed drained black bean, several ears of fresh corn cut from cob, diced tomato, diced avocado, diced red onion. Finish with juice of one lime (or to taste, and I always just use bottled lime juice), salt and (important!) a bunch of chopped fresh cilantro. The salsa gets even better with age since the flavors blend with time.

Red Quinoa (trader joe's): cook like rice in rice cooker with 1 boullion cube per cup of water used. Just toss that cube/s in there and try to remember to stir it a bit about halfway through or whenever it seems the cube might have disolved.

Tilapia (or cod), frozen, costco: After thawed, prepare any way you want. When I was gluten-eating, I would dredge it in egg and then in flour. When I had to cut gluten, too, I just salted it and added it right to my hot olive oiled pan. Turn once. It cooks really fast.

Spoon quinoa on a plate, add salsa and top with fish. The salsa can be a pain to make, but this recipe was born when I had a whole bunch left over.

Just as a disclaimer, I realize that these are not gourmet meals (I am using canned salmon after all) but all I am promising is fast, healthy and tasty. For fancier, more involved versions of the salmon cakes, and for other delicious and healthful recipes check out


Ie Li said...

Alexandra, each one looks so beautiful and delicious. I will have to come back to this post when I start cooking again (could be a while).

I love how much you've been posting. Keep it coming!

Michelle said...

you seriously crack me up Alexandra. I love it. I just love how you talk, and those recipes look really good!

Sarah said...

Yum! Thanks for sharing. I've never used canned salmon, but now I'd like to try. I'll also have to try out that food blog.
Sorry about the no dairy thing! I know what that's like, so I'd have a hard time going back!

Briana said...

Yesssssss, new posts to read and smile about!

I'm wigging out over the title of this post-- only you.

Allie said...

I am packing up my fork and knife and hopping in the car to head to your house. Those dishes all sound fabulous. I love new dinner ideas. Unfortunately, my extremely picky youngest eaters make meal times in my house either very unpleasant or I am forced to be a short order cook and smell the combination of a waffle dinner and a spaghetti dinner simultaneously. It is interesting how two such delicious smells can mingle in to such an unappetizing aroma.

Erin said...

You kill me! Those all sound and LOOK amazing!

Just a little note about is still forming, so to speak, so we don't have very many recipes posted. We have a lot to share though and will as time permits :)

My friend writes on a food blog out here and I have really enjoyed it. A lot of great, meat free, dishes. I think you will really like it.

Tat said...

I hear that vegans die at a very rapid rate.

alexandra said...

I can't believe you remember that, Tat! That is a 3rd hand story!

ahemmayispeak said...

I've just stumbled upon this post because I'm just starting a blog called: It's not going to be about healthy eating. It's going to be about normalizing food for my allergy stricken family. Perhaps we can share ideas!