Saturday, February 06, 2010

Ringing in 2010

I read that the way you spend your New Year's Eve is the way you will spend your year. So I suppose I can look foward to eating in unnaturally and unbearably freezing cold restaurants (that is Brigham's coat wrapped around Will, not a napkin) where waiters throw food at our faces. And Andrew will deal with quite a bit of frustration at not catching it.
On the other, less literal, hand, perhaps it means that we will go to a bit of expense and trouble
to try to get out of the house
and do memorable things
which we will not capture well with our camera.

I am hoping that my self-help books will have some influence this year, too.


Ie Li said...

Alexandra, I love your blog. You are so funny and honest about everything. I love that about you.

Sarah said...

Now I'll have to try and remember what we did for New Years and decipher the meaning behind it...looks like a fun outing!

brooke said...

Sheesh--I really hope my New Years is not a sign of things to come this year. I stay home and read blogs and go to bed at 9:30

Holly said...

Oh, wow, I loved this one. I'm just laughing out loud about it because it hits so close to home - every line, every picture. Let me know how those self-help books work out; I could use a stack or two out here!

Ada Bowler said...

Hi, I'm Holly's sister. You wouldn't happen to be at the Japanese Steak House in Columbia, MD, would you? I've never been more cold at a restaurant than at that one, and considered actually using the napkins for blankets. We used to live in Columbia, and frequented the Baltimore Aquarium as well. And I agree with you--too pricey. But if you go on a nice day, you can enjoy a walk around the inner harbor, too. Oh, I miss it.

alexandra said...

Ada, the resaurant is a Japanese Steakhouse in Fairfax, Va. The staff told me that it was freezing because they had to keep some sort of flue open to release the smoke, but I didn't believe them at the time. Maybe they were telling the truth and I just need to stay away from such establishments during cold weather.

Holly, so great to hear from you!