Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree . . . Why did you die so soon?

We bought our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. We wanted to maximize the short Christmas season. Unfortunately, our tree died last week and now looks like we should chop it up and burn it after a very long and heartfelt apology for torturing it. Apparently you are supposed to water them! (Just kidding; you aren't).
I was trying to post some lovely shots of our tree in all its splendor, but of course the tiny image I viewed when selecting shots made it difficult to detect the massive clutter and toy debris all around our tree. And the reflection of the tv screen in the window. In my memory we decorated to Christmas carols! Oh well.
Willsie has been obsessed with the "ball! ball!" ornaments. He couldn't hang them up on the tree, much to his distress, but was highly skilled at removing the little hanger piece that is built into the ornament. My mom and I had more trouble than little Will. Our tree is now naked from Willsie's reach down.
I am waiting for the rest to just fall off the dead dead dead and drooping limbs.
My method of testing whether a specific ornament was glass or plastic--banging it against a hard surface--diminished our supply. At least Will got a thrill out of lots of vacuuming.
Will's favorite spot in the house for a few weeks now. I think this early death has given me a good argument for having two trees each year: one fake and one real. Which gives me an even better argument for having a house big enough to justify that. It totally makes sense.


Michelle said...

I'm glad to say that I saw the tree in its splendor! you crack me up! how are you guys? have a great Christmas! Let's hang out in January!

Ashley said...

I have come to accept mess and clutter in every picture I take. It's inevitable, and it's the truth about this phase of my life, so why hide it? Someday we'll look back and smile longingly at the mess. . . yeah right. But we will miss having the bottoms of our trees de-decorated.

Maddy said...

I would love to do your family portraits! Your boys are so cute.

Let me know the next time your in Utah. Hope you and the family had a wonderful christmas.

Ie Li said...

All of my ornaments made it to the top of the tree by the end of the Christmas season. Sorry your tree died.

Lauren said...

Your tree looks great. Our tree died this year too but with the exception of the candy canes our ornaments went untouched this year for the first time!!

How are you liking Oakton? How is Jessica - does she have a blog?


familia Bybaran said...

This is hilarious. I love your ornament testing method and decorating the tree to "christmas carols." Our tree is the same--bare all the way down. Ornaments are just too fun for the little ones.