Friday, May 09, 2008

A Game of Catch

Andrew and I have been playing catch a lot lately. I can't believe that he has reached that age where he can actually play a game like this with me. He can legitimately throw and catch a ball (a light-weight, larger ball).

I still blame many of his mis-catches on the poor throw. I do this to avert frustration and the collapsing to the floor in self-protest that inevitably follows. I have wondered if I should temper my self-blame and let Andrew deal with making a catching or throwing mistake a little bit more directly.

Today, I had to confront this dilemma again. We had a great rally going when I delivered a genuinely bad pass. I hit him smack in the face with the ball. "Oh, that was a bad throw," I admitted.

"That's ok, Mommy. Papa does a lot of bad throws, too!" he reassured me confidently.


Allie said...

Too funny! My oldest two kids are athletically challenged. Zack, fortunately, seems like he will be a star when it comes to sports. When your child is naughty, it is sometimes seems like a good idea to play catch and aim for their head and when you make contact with the target you can blame it on bad aim. OK, that was an awful thing to say, especially since I do raise honest to goodness klutzes and all four have had multiple shiners in their day which I promise are not results of games of catch with Mommy.

Tat said...

Andrew is adorable. He's such a perceptive and sensitive child.